Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A day in the life

This is not meant to be one of those "look how hard my life is" type of posts, but more of a "look how hilarious my day was".

We are currently a "one car family", so if there is somewhere I want to go I need to take Andrew to work in the morning. No biggie. I couldn't even do that for a while in Silverdale because he worked in a restricted area, so dropping him off there was not an option. I decided today that I wanted to get the kids to story time since the library is just around the corner and Will has always enjoyed that. Andrew said he should be finished early with training at the gym, so I figured that's perfect. Maybe we can swing by and pick him up on the way home at eleven.

We roused the kids at 6:45 this morning and scooted Andrew off to the gym. I came back home with the kids and checked some things off my to-do list while they played and watched a couple shows. Before I knew it we had to leave for story time in 25 minutes and I still hadn't showered. Somehow we were able to arrive five minutes early (after two wrong turns) and had a fun time listening to stories about PJ's. Well, Annie and I listened while Will hid behind my chair and disrupted everyone with dramatic wailing when I suggested he sit on the floor with the other kids. He's not what you would call a social butterfly, but it's no skin off my nose. He buried his face in my leg as we collected our free sticker and coloring pages at the end and we were back in the car.

I balanced Annie on one hip and a package on the other at the post office while Will refused to listen to my commands to stay right next to me in line. He skipped around the room waving and saying hello to each person in line behind us while I tried not to wonder why he turned into such a ham at a post office, but refused to make eye contact with anyone at story time. Oh well. We mailed our package and drove over to Walmart to pick up some prints (making two more wrong turns). By the time we arrived Annie was asleep in her car seat and I knew if I stuck her in the stroller, forcing her to be awake, she would be an angry screaming banshee all the way to the Photo Center. So, my solution was to push Will in the Sit N Stand with one hand while my other arm supported the sleeping Annie on my shoulder. I'd figure out the whole which arm do I use to pay for my prints thing once I got there.

Once we finished that adventure and returned to the car I checked my texts and saw that Andrew actually needed to be picked up between 2:30 and 3. That meant the kids needed to take early naps. Which meant they needed an early lunch. Which meant I had thirty minutes to get home, feed them and get them to sleep if I wanted them to be somewhat rested for the remainder of the day. Okay.

I was feeling like a rockstar thirty minutes later with two sleeping and fed kids and some time to myself to eat my lunch and do a little cleaning. Then I realized it was commissary day. And the commissary is right next to where I was picking Andrew up. And two trips to the base did not make sense, so I needed to make my grocery list stat so that we could go straight there after collecting Andrew.

At 2:15 I was putting the finishing touches on my list with Will snuggling next to me when Andrew called and said he was ready to be picked up and that he needed me to bring him his badge. I told Will to go potty and dashed into our room to grab his badge and threw my semi-completed list in my purse. I woke up a very sleepy, very angry Annie and decided there was no time for a diaper change at that moment since Daddy was waiting. We quickly got shoes on and started to head out the front door. With Annie on my hip again I slammed the door behind me and began to walk down the porch when I noticed our dog, Kimber, dashing by me out into our front yard. My complete confusion went away when I looked back at the door and realized the dead bolt was somehow out, so the door hadn't closed at all when I thought it had. I used my key to open the doors to the van and told Will to get in his car seat. He was now bawling his eyes out screaming "My puppy! My puppy!". I also noted his shorts were shimmying their way down to his ankles since I had forgotten to button them up again after potty time.

I hurriedly buckled Annie into her car seat and ran towards Kimber, praying she wouldn't take off down the block like I knew she wanted to. Well, that prayer was answered with a solid "no". She was off like a bullet. I sprinted after he at first with my messy bun becoming much messier and the 95 degree weather making me sweat like crazy, but she was way too far from the kids for me to continue chasing her. I booked it back to the car to buckle a devastated Will into his car seat and told him we would go drive after the puppy and catch her. No sooner had I hopped into the driver's seat than I realized the front door was still wide open. Ah. Closed that and drove half a block down the road where we saw Kimber standing triumphantly in someone's driveway. I inwardly groaned when I noticed a mom with five or six kids standing on their porch watching this three-ring circus. However, I was grateful when one of the older boys came sprinting off the porch alongside me saying "Will she bite?". I assured him she wouldn't and we were able to corner her in a small side yard. She cowered down and kept her ears back as we took the walk of shame back to the car. I waved and thanked the boy for helping and drove back home to drop Kimber off.

We finally picked up Daddy at the gym and made our way towards his work. Halfway there he got a call that he no longer needed his badge and was free to go. Quick U-turn and we arrived at the commissary where the kids pulled on each other's seat belts in the shopping cart the entire time and alternated screaming and crying.

We ended the day with my famous Mac n Cheese with cut up hot dogs and some lively discussions with Will about alligators. I'm hoping for an extremely boring day tomorrow.

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